COFFEE Shop Episode Two: 420 Internet Cafe – Eau Claire, Wisconsin

In this episode of Man Finds Coffee, we check out the 420 Internet Cafe in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This quaint little coffee shop has a unique mission behind their great coffee and the building they call home has a unique history. Be sure to watch as we also spotlight John and Dave who’s stories are genuine and authentic as it gets.

420 Internet Cafe:


What is Man Finds Coffee?

Over the last 20 years I have traveled America working in the healthcare field and I have been privileged to experience some of the best places to savor a cup of coffee. Follow along as we explore and showcase some of the coolest, most unique and hidden coffee shops our nation has to offer. Through 15 minute episodes, explore your next destination to enjoy a cup of richly roasted “Joe”.

We are in the process of shooting and producing our first episodes. Learn more. Follow and share. Stay tuned. Making coffee shops known.

Common Man – Uncommon Coffee.



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