Sweet Revival – Coffee and History

Recently we visited a very unique and hidden coffee shop in Northern Illinois. Imagine walking into church building built in 1862 and savoring the tantalizing smells of freshly brewed coffee – yea this pretty much explains Sweet Revival of Kings, IL right off on historic highway 64 – a two hour drive to Chicago’s North Avenue.

We are sharing some photos with you early as we will be shooting an episode for our new venture, Man Finds Coffee, in the next couple of weeks.

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How Cool is This?

How cool is this?

As many of you know, I travel in healthcare. Currently I am contracted to work night shift, which at 47 years old is not the easiest thing to do. Right across the street there is a Starbucks and I try to to come here before work, not only to grab coffee, but to get my mind focused for the day and escape the hotel.

Tonight I got to talking with one of the Baristas here whose name is Thomas. We were talking about the Chiapas Mexico roast. A few minutes later, he came up and offered me a bag from his own personal allowance. How sweet is this!

If your in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area, give a shout out to this senior student and Starbucks barista.

You can bet I’ll be trying this in my #EspressoUltralight coffee press tonight!

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Man Finds Coffee: Promo

Follow along as we explore some of the best, coolest, unique and hidden coffee shops in America.

Over the last 20 years I have traveled America working in the healthcare field and I have been privileged to experience some of the best places to savor a cup of coffee.

I am nothing more than a simple common man, amazingly set on the path of life and helping others to discover the same.My son and I are currently shooting and editing our first episodes.

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